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Eco Printing

Environmental Policy at Clear Print


We’re big on green printing. That’s partly because we all have a stake in this planet.
But mainly it’s just the way we are. We’re constantly fine tuning our operation to reach
the ultimate levels of efficiency.  And that means declaring war on waste. Because, 

lets face it, waste isn’t just bad for the environment; it costs money and time too.


So being green to us isn’t about matching this regulation or that one.  
It’s about going beyond. Way beyond. Like recycling over 95% of
anything that can be used again. 


It means encouraging you, our customers, to order what you need,
when you need it. And no more.  With the unit price decreasing the more print
you order, it can seem like a good idea to go for extra. Until you end up with a
forest worth of outdated brochures residing in your storeroom that is.


But our digital printing is so quick, easy and cost effective,
why take the risk of waste?


There’s other stuff we’d like you to know too. 


We only use paper, which comes from environmentally and
responsibly managed forests.  


For every tree used, another is planted.




More Sustainable Production Printing

If you can reduce our carbon footprint, participate in more actions, and win more business based on the sustainability of our facility, everybody wins.

Some Steps we take to a More Sustainable Print Shop

Understand your environmental impacts and set goals to reduce them. Implement an environmental management system, use products with lower emissions, and use non-toxic toners.


Embrace just-in-time, print on demand. Create documents only when you need them, to save warehouse space and resources and reduce waste of obsolete materials by as much as 30%.


Adopt more efficient workflow technologies to automate manual processes, manage all printing on-site, and receive jobs and orders over the website.


Utilise digital proofing. Deliver digital proofs to clients via email or the web to reduce paper use, save phone, courier and postage charges, reduce environmental impact of sending paper by air or ground transportation, and enable faster turn-around.


Know where your paper comes from and recycle the paper you use. we use environmentally preferable papers such as FSC-certified papers, and recycled content papers. All unused & test prints are recyced.


Use good waste prevention and management practices. Recycle toner cartridges and bottles, reduce usage of hazardous wastes, and select reusable or recyclable packaging as needed.


Use equipment designed for remanufacturing or recycling. 


We ensure we working with environmentally responsible suppliers. 



FSC Certified Forest Paper

Well-managed, FSC certified forests guarantee that future generations will be able to experience nature, not just read about it.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is one of the leading third-party forest certification organisations in the world. Their principle goal is to set responsible forest management practices and principles for companies in the forestry industry and paper manufacturers would be one of this sectors.

To receive accreditation as a responsible forest manager under the FSC, a company must ensure that the benefits of the forest are shared among multiple stakeholders. FSC certified forests are evaluated against 10 principles and 57 criteria for responsible forest management. Among other things, they ensure that waterways and wildlife habitat and species are protected, and high conservation value forests that contain biodiversity values and rare or threatened ecosystems are preserved.

At Clear Print we ensure all papers used in our printing press are manufactured by FSC Certified companies. By supporting FSC products we understand that as people use more paper, suppliers and manufacturers will plant more trees across the world. Contrary to general misconceptions, properly managed forest does not deplete the world’s tree population but actually makes it larger…

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Carbon Balanced Paper
Reduce your impact, enhance your brand


Carbon Balanced Paper is a simple way for organisations to reduce the carbon impacts of their printed communications, reducing their carbon footprint and impacts on climate change.

Organisations can communicate your support and Corporate Responsibility on the printed items. The total amount of CO2 Balanced and land area preserved is quantified in a unique certificate, which an organisation can use in its environmental reporting and marketing.


Why cut carbon?

Carbon management is good for the planet and for business.


Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives now dictate the esteem in which brands are held, and pro-low carbon statements from business leaders such as the Copenhagen Communiqué, which called for reductions in carbon emissions of 50-85% by 2050, indicate clearly the importance business now attaches to the issue.


The low-carbon economy is on its way. Today, a carbon reduction strategy is a competitive advantage. Tomorrow, it will be standard business practice. Using paper where the carbon impacts have been balanced  will help your company meet and exceed its environmental policy targets, affordably and effectively.


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